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K-State 360
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Partner with K-State 360

Why List Your Event?

  • Reach involved students seeking to make their out of classroom experiences count.
  • Access students who attended your events for feedback.

The My360 dashboard is available to register events. Only register events that are available to undergraduates enrolled through the Manhattan and Global campuses.  

How to Track Participation

Card Readers
  • This is the most accurate form of tracking participation. 
  • If your department or organization does not have card swipers then you can check them out from the Center for Student Involvement by filling out this form.
  • After your event you will turn in an Excel document with your participation list.
  • If you choose to utilize GPS check-in then students will have the ability from their phone to check-in to your event from the K-State 360 website.
  • If you do choose GPS it is very important that at your event you post a reminder for students to check-in to K-State 360 on their phones to ensure you get the most accurate participation data.  
  • No data needs to be sent in after the event if this option is chosen. 
Department Reporting 
  • This works best for smaller groups of students.
  • The best way to do this is to have a spreadsheet for students to enter their first name, last name, and eID (make sure to have their first name and last name in separate columns). 
  • This spreadsheet can be sent directly to our team after the event. 
Request Faculty/Staff Access