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K-State 360
111 K-State Student Union
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About 360


K-State 360 is a program designed to provide students with a well-rounded experience of co-curricular programs with the ultimate goal of helping students stand out to future employers or graduate and professional schools.   Out-of-classroom activities are often as important as in-class experiences. K-State 360 helps navigate involvement while tracking progress, transforming students into well-rounded individuals. Activities are placed into a series of categories, guiding students toward an inclusive K-State experience and a developed skillset that will give students an edge. Once students complete all the category requirements, students will gain the K-State 360 designation to share with potential employers and graduate schools. Students learn to communicate involvement and raise their potential through K-State 360.


K-State 360 will…

  1. Increase student success through exposure to a wide range of experiences.
  2. Encourage meaningful engagement through practical applications of skills.
  3. Prepare students for their post-undergraduate objectives.
  4. Provide connections within the community and decrease feelings of marginality.
  5. Further the overall mission of Kansas State University. 


K-State 360 was first discussed at K-State in the Summer of 2014.  Since then, a committee of staff from across the Division of Student Life have been working to identify the specifics of the program and the committee has spent time researching peer institutions across the nation, reading relevant research and visiting with administrators who have implemented similar programs. Sign in today for the official launch of the program in the Fall of 2017.